St. Melangell’s Pie

For The Cycles of Truth – the presentation of The Cave Hunters And The Truth Machine at Revolution Bike Park, Llangynog – I worked with farmer Rhian Williams of Pantri Peniarth, Penybontfawr (just down the road) to create ‘St. Melangell’s Pie’ as an offering to everyone who came to participate in the experience. I wantedContinue reading “St. Melangell’s Pie”

Stirring Up The Ghosts

We, in our hubristic fashion, adjudge ourselves a successful species. But consider this; we are doing a good job of destroying ourselves (and much else) after just 300,000 years of existence and only 50-65,000 years since we evolved what is termed ‘behavioural modernity’. The hyaena was present in the landscape of the Clwydians for overContinue reading “Stirring Up The Ghosts”

The Cycles of Truth: Extreme Animation at Revolution Bike Park

The Cave Hunters And The Truth Machine Revolution Bike Park, Llangynog, 8th & 9th December 2021, 6-8pm. Extra date! 21st December, 6 – 8pm For events details scroll down In 1578, as he translated the Old Testament into Welsh in Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, William Morgan’s universe was by and large defined by what we would consider mythology. The ChurchContinue reading “The Cycles of Truth: Extreme Animation at Revolution Bike Park”

Yr Oriel @ Loggerheads

The first activity of the project has been to establish an exhibition in the lovely gallery at Loggerheads Country Park – which, in many ways, functions as a gateway to the landscape. The works here aims first and foremost to establish a context for forthcoming activity founded on an expanded timeframe telling of constant fluxContinue reading “Yr Oriel @ Loggerheads”