The Cycles of Truth: Extreme Animation at Revolution Bike Park

The Cave Hunters And The Truth Machine

Revolution Bike Park, Llangynog, 8th & 9th December 2021, 6-8pm.

Extra date!

21st December, 6 – 8pm

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In 1578, as he translated the Old Testament into Welsh in Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, William Morgan’s universe was by and large defined by what we would consider mythology. The Church was custodian of the scriptures; the keeper of Truth.

Just two hundred years ago this, for the majority, was still the case. It was held that the bones of exotic creatures unearthed in the caves of Wales and England had been washed in by The Deluge – Noah’s flood. The mechanism of extinction had not yet been recognised, for how could God abandon any part of his Creation?

The Cave Hunters And The Truth Machine is an immersive experience, using dreamlike animation and sound to chart the dawning of the age of science in the nineteenth century. This new Truth proved (somewhat heretically) that the world was much older than had been thought – and that changes in climate had caused our landscape to be populated at different times by beasts of both cold and warm climates. 

The principal agent within this narrative was the adaptable hyaena, now absent but an integral part of this landscape for well over half a million years and therefore, perhaps, an indigenous species.

Prominent amongst the ‘Cave Hunters’ (Victorian gentleman explorers – often, somewhat ironically, men of the Church – who excavated long empty hyaena dens and argued vociferously over the detail of this paradigm shift) was Sir William Boyd Dawkins, born in the vicarage at Buttington Trewern near Welshpool in 1837.

Now, once again, society has an increasingly uncomfortable relationship with science, condemning or dismissing it when it fails to yield clear cut answers or raises inconvenient truths. And we are perhaps more anxious and discontented than ever…

Is it possible that in turning our backs on mythology we kicked away a vital crutch, evolved over many generations to help us come to terms with an unfathomably vast and ever-changing universe?

The event is FREE.

It takes place in the open air. Wrap up warm!!! Bring a torch.

The piece is 25 minutes long.

There are two shelters each with space for 4 people. These can be reserved on a ‘bubble’ basis for half hour slots.

Please visit to book a slot.

On the 9th December each booked slot comes with a specially commissioned pie (one per person) made in collaboration with Pantri Peniarth, Penybontfawr. Soup will also be available. Please bring a mug.

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