Loggerheads Watermill Cinema presents…


(in both digital and clockwork formats)

This special presentation brings to life beasts long gone from the landscape AND the journals of the early researchers who unearthed them in a story which is still unfurling today…

Through the magic of animation the bones of Ice Age beasts, entombed in limestone caves for millennia, speak of the emergence of contemporary science from mythic time and prompt the question: which truth is the more enduring? That of science? Or mythology? And which offers the greater salve for the anxieties that have always been a part of the human condition? When we enter a multi-millennial time frame with constant climate oscillations the answers become less certain…

The piece also champions the adaptable yet vilified hyaena – which, like the cave lion, managed to maintain its presence in our landscape for very much longer than we likely will.

Just what is a successful species?

We’re thrilled that Professor Danielle Schreve, cave palaeontologist at Royal Holloway University London will be returning to Loggerheads to share fossil finds from her globally recognised research. These shed light on the impacts of past climate change – and thereby helps us to predict the impact of the challenges we now face.

This follows an event at Ruthin Craft Centre chaired by Elinor Gwynn in which she and artist animator Sean Harris will be discussing their creative collaboration.

Playing With Time; a conversation between Elinor Gwynn, Sean Harris and Danielle Schreve

March 4th 2023, 2.30-4pm

Ruthin Craft Centre, LL15 1BB


The Cave Hunters And The Truth Machine

March 4th 2023, 6-8pm

Loggerheads Country Park, Ruthin Road, Mold, CH7 5LH

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